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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pantry located inside the Wesley building?

209 Market Place is on the top floor of the building. Visuals for 209 Market Place will be visible from the building's entrance and windows.

How do I apply to shop at the pantry?


No application is needed to shop at 209 Market Place. Simply fill out a form for students new to the market.

How many items can I take from the pantry each week?


Each item in the pantry costs a certain number of points (1-6 points). Each week you are allotted 50 points (add 25 for dependent).

How much does it cost to shop at 209 Market Place?


Being a customer is free! Everything at the pantry is volunteer run and donation based, so customers are able to shop without worrying about the cost of goods.

How can I volunteer or donate items for the pantry?

Please contact us about volunteering or donating items. You can also reference our donation page here.

Is the pantry handicap accessible?

The pantry itself is not handicap accessible at the present time. However, 209 Market Place will do its best to meet the needs of its customers, including shopping for a customer who is unable to access the pantry.

Since 209 Market Place is located inside the building of a United Methodist campus ministry, do applicants need to be affiliated with the church in any way?


No! The pantry will welcome anyone and will not discriminate against anyone due to age, gender, sexuality, faith, race, or any other identity.

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