Welcome to 209 Market Place!

Located at the Wesley Foundation at 209 W. Roanoke Street, 209 Market Place is a donation-based, emergency, local food pantry that provides food, toiletries, and school supplies free to Virginia Tech students in need.

What to Expect

209 Market Place uses a point system for purchases; each person that shops at the Market receives 50 points, and persons with dependents can claim an additional 25 points per dependent. An individual's points reset each week on Sunday night.

To get to the Market, enter through the front door of the Wesley Foundation and go through the check-in process of sanitizing your hands, taking your temperature, and filling out the building entry form by scanning the QR code on the front table. If you need assistance, the front desk volunteer would be happy to help you! If you are a brand new 209 Market Place patron, you will need to fill out a form accessed by a QR code provided by the front desk volunteer. You can fill the form out before your visit here.

When you begin to shop, you will see that all our products are labeled with colored stickers that indicate the amount of points each object costs; for example, a can of fruit is labeled with a red sticker, marking its cost as three points. As you shop, add up your points, or ask the volunteer for assistance with keeping track of your budget. When you finish shopping, you can check out with the volunteer and leave through the back door of the Wesley Foundation by the volleyball court.

Additional Resources for Assistance

In addition to using our services, we encourage you to consider reaching out to your academic advisor or the Dean of Students office to further discuss a personalized plan for your well-being and success at Virginia Tech. You can find the Dean of Students website here, as well as The Market of Virginia Tech website here.

209 Market Place extends a gracious thank you to:

The Virginia Tech Women’s Club

The Schiffert Health Center

Virginia Tech's HNFE Department

Byron Hughes, Dean of Students

All our donors

All our volunteers

209 W Roanoke Street

Blacksburg, Va 24060

Call Us:

(540) 522-2827